All of our locations have a weight room with everything you need to get in a good workout. Looking for climbing specific training? We have you covered with hang boards, campus boards, system walls, Yoga, Dawn Patrol, personal training and private instruction.

Check our schedule to plan your next class. Yoga classes are included with your Day Pass admission and always, FREE! with membership.


Dawn Patrol

Have fitness goals or projects to send? Dawn Patrol will get you there! Offering the professional training needed to build your fitness and crush your projects, most participants experience a full V-grade increase in climbing ability !

Core 45

This class consists of 45 minutes of strengthening all aspects of our core. The variety of exercises and use of equipment will help strengthen the muscles in the abdomen, back, obliques, and more. Additional benefits include improving your balance and control on the wall during your climbing sessions.

Durability for Climbers

Focusing on a variety of functional movement patterns, this class will help you work on your posture and neuromuscular control—subtle but challenging work. This class will help you identify and focus on your areas of need—during class and in your everyday life—and collect tools to keep you healthy, happy, and mobile enough for your next “send”.

Edge Circuit 60

Push the edge of your fitness capacity in this 60 minute hard hitting circuit. Rotating cardio, strength, and agility stations will push your body to adapt to new levels of fitness.