• Tod Bloxham

    Office Guide Instructor
    Owner, General Manager, Climbing School Director, Head Guide

    Wilderness Medicine InstituteAmerican Mountain Guide AssociationInternational Federation of Mountain Guides AssociationTod Bloxham was born and raised in Washington State, spending his adolescence exploring the mountains of the North Cascades. By the age of 18 Tod had logged well over 500 miles of North Cascades trails and backcountry and had hiked 2,700 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, becoming the youngest solo through-hiker to travel the entire PCT from Canada to Mexico. As a climber, Tod has been climbing and skiing the backcountry since 1991, logging hundreds of ascents of rock, ice and ski routes in North America and abroad.

    Life in the outdoors and work must coexist for Tod; professionally, Tod has been guiding since 1999, is an IFMGA Mountain Guide, and as the owner of Edgeworks Climbing, Tod is either helping his beautiful wife show the wonders of the outdoors to their two girls, sharpening his skills on the alpine and trad climbs he pursues, or helping people discover that the outdoors and climbing can be a lifelong pursuit that is inspiring and invigorating.

    Certifications / Qualifications:
    IFMGA / AMGA Licensed Mountain Guide
    AMGA Alpine Guide
    AMGA Ski Guide
    AMGA Rock Guide
    AMGA Rock Instructor
    Wilderness First Responder
    AIARE L1/L2 Avalanche Course Leader
    AIARE L3 Avalanche Forecaster

  • Elena Cheung

    Yoga Instructor

    Elena is a yoga teacher, pizza lover and self-proclaimed master of Dutch Blitz (sweet Amish card game). A yoga teacher since 2015, she brings her keen awareness and curiosity to her clients through precise, intentional classes that move slow but burn deep.

    Since her initial training, Elena has studied anatomy and biomechanics of yoga under teachers such as Tiffany Cruikshank, Richelle Ricard, Jules Mitchell, and others, in an attempt to understand the intricate beauty of the human body.

    Officially, Elena is a Yoga Medicine Certified Therapeutic Specialist (RYT-500) & Pain-Free Performance Specialist who uses a wide range of modalities including yoga postures, functional movement, myofascial release, resistance stretching, breathing and meditation to help her clients achieve their performance goals with a focus on injury prevention/recovery.

    When not doing yoga things, Elena enjoys playing video games, snuggling with her tiny dog, and spending time in nature.

  • Jess Feeman

    Instructor Front Desk
    Front Desk Supervisor, Instructor

    Jess discovered her passion for climbing through youth summer camps in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. This led her to compete on Planet Granite Climbing Team in the Bay Area throughout high school. After moving to Seattle to study neuroscience at University of Washington, she began exploring the Pacific Northwest. She joined Husky Winter Sports, a UW nonprofit, where she taught snowboard lessons every winter, stoking her interest in outdoor education. A love of teaching, climbing, and the outdoors ultimately led her to a job at Stone Gardens.

    Away from the gym, Jess can be found hitting the slopes in winter months, backpacking and climbing in summer months, and playing local shows with her band year round

  • Jacob Fugman

    Instructor Front Desk
    Front Desk Supervisor, Climbing School Instructor

    Jacob was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. At the age of 3 his mom and grandpa decided to put him on a pair of skis to see what would happen and needless to say he's been in love with the mountains and adventure ever since.

    Usually while on an adventure, Jacob looks up and says, "let's climb that" or "lets ski that" not knowing exactly what mountain it is, but his thirst for adventure and desire to see remote parts of the United States is what leads to all his fun - type II fun that is! When not at work you will find Jacob skiing, climbing, mountaineering, kayaking or biking.

  • Josh Haynes

    Route Setter
    Head Route Setter

    USAC Route Setter Josh is a USAC Level 4 route setter with over 20 years experience, and has climbed and set all over the world. His favorite areas to climb include Hueco Tanks, Squamish, and St. George / Vegas. When not climbing, you can find him surfing, hiking, riding, or pretty much anything outdoors.

    Make sure to say hi and introduce yourself when you see him around!

    Certifications / Qualifications:
    USAC Level 4 Route Setter

  • Mike May

    Office Front Desk
    Front Desk Supervisor, Social Media Lead, IT

    Mike grew up in the Seattle area and was always climbing everything possible even before discovering the sport at age 15. For the first 10 years Mike worked to climb but he dropped his old career to work in the climbing industry shortly after Stone Gardens Bellevue opened. He took an opportunity to route set and did that for almost 5 years.

    For the last few years Mike has been the Assistant Climbing School Director and these days he is the IT & Social Media lead. Often you can find him working at the desk, running Junior Programs or working with clients 1-on-1 for private instruction.

  • Kyle Rowe


    USAC Route SetterKyle has been route setting since 2010. He started as a volunteer setter in college where he received his B.S in Clinical Physiology, and transitioned into setting part time at a gym in Idaho where he worked for about 5 years until he moved back home to Washington and continued setting for Stone Gardens in Bellevue where he currently sets.

    Bouldering is Kyle's personal passion/hobby. He's climbed internationally in France and Spain as well as all over the western United States. Kyle believes climbing on lots of different rock types and environments helps with his creativity as a route setter. His other hobbies include hiking, foraging, podcasts, traveling, cooking.

    Certifications / Qualifications:
    USAC Level 1 Route Setter

  • Michelle Scheele

    Marketing Director

    Michelle has been involved with Edgeworks since the spark and the dream planted itself in Tod’s mind while on their honeymoon in New Zealand in 2002. After spending 10+ years working in non-profit fundraising and adding two beautiful daughters to their family (Hailey and Kayla), Michelle officially joined the Edgeworks staff in 2013.

    While you won’t often see her sending routes and pulling plastic in the gym, you will find her in yoga classes or belaying/chasing her kids up and around the wall. On weekends she can be found running around the North End, adventuring with Tod and the kids, skiing, or visiting family in Bellingham. Cooking, photography, and travel top her wish list of “hobbies”.

  • Hel Stocksill

    Yoga Instructor

    Hel is a full-time yoga instructor who's journey started with regular exercise at the gym for coping with anxiety. On a trip to Portland in 2018 she tried Yoga Sculpt was hooked with her first class. She found out the grounding presence of breath and contemplation on each pose in yoga was more than just a workout; she discovered it was a tool for living mindfully. Join Hel on a trip through the rabbit hole and bring your tea to class!

    Certifications / Qualifications:
    200 HR Hatha Vinyasa with OpenUp
    50 HR Yin with Bernie Clark
    50 HR Sculpt with Corepower
    200 HR Vinyasa with MazéMethod

  • Kelsey Wise

    Front Desk Instructor
    Front Desk Supervisor, Instructor

    Kelsey's first experience with climbing was on Bainbridge Island. Her friend bought her climbing shoes and a gym membership and ever since then, she's been hooked!

    Having a career as a teacher, Kelsey is passionate about education and getting students outside at an early age. No matter the season, you will always find Kelsey outside, whether that's skiing in the snow, running in the rain, climbing in the sun, or biking in the wind, fun will always be had!