The past year of closures and restrictions have been tough on all of us - the status quo is gone, our well-tuned playbooks have all been tossed out the window, and we’re being asked to make/adjust to changes without much notice at all. It hasn’t been easy but one thing remains the same and that’s our commitment to our members, staff and community.

Our work to rebuild and expand our offerings, experiences, facilities and member engagement will continue and with your continued support we will recover as good as - if not better than - before.

We also understand this continues to be a very tough situation for many of you and cancelling your membership might be necessary. If that is the case for you, we truly hope to see you back in the gym when the time is right for you.

Thank you.

We ask those of you who are financially able, to please stick with us through this difficult time and continue your membership. Other options include:
PURCHASE A GIFT CARD: Your gift card purchase now will help pay our employees and give you the flexibility of many purchase options when you're ready to return to the gym!
PURCHASE A PUNCH PASS: You can grant full access to one additional person to use and share the punches with no restrictions!
PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP: Help keep our community employed by becoming part of it.

PROVIDE SUPPORT: Help sustain our business and staff during these uncertain times.
   • Remain as an active member - No action needed
CANCEL: Cancel your membership and wait to return when the time is right for you; start-up fees and new rates will apply when you return.
To cancel, please complete the form below.
PREPAID MEMBERSHIPS: Expiration dates for all pre-paid memberships will be automatically adjusted to reflect the number of days we were closed (or a free freeze was available). - No action needed
PUNCH PASSES: Expiration dates for all punch passes will be automatically adjusted to reflect the number of days we were closed. - No action needed

Membership Change Request Form