• Morgan Alverson

    Route Setter
    Route Setter

    Morgan started climbing at Stone Gardens in 2014, and fell in love with both the sport and the community. Over the years, she’s worked various positions at the gym and now focuses on route setting and coaching the youth team. Through her own training, she’s found the importance of balancing regimented drills with lighthearted projecting; and works to bring this approach to her coaching and instruction.

    When she’s not bouldering in the gym, or outside, she enjoys playing her cello, reading, backpacking and unicycling.

  • Tod Bloxham

    Office Guide Instructor
    Owner, General Manager, Climbing School Director, Head Guide

    Wilderness Medicine InstituteAmerican Mountain Guide AssociationInternational Federation of Mountain Guides AssociationTod Bloxham was born and raised in Washington State, spending his adolescence exploring the mountains of the North Cascades. By the age of 18 Tod had logged well over 500 miles of North Cascades trails and backcountry and had hiked 2,700 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, becoming the youngest solo through-hiker to travel the entire PCT from Canada to Mexico. As a climber, Tod has been climbing and skiing the backcountry since 1991, logging hundreds of ascents of rock, ice and ski routes in North America and abroad.

    Life in the outdoors and work must coexist for Tod; professionally, Tod has been guiding since 1999, is an IFMGA Mountain Guide, and as the owner of Edgeworks Climbing, Tod is either helping his beautiful wife show the wonders of the outdoors to their two girls, sharpening his skills on the alpine and trad climbs he pursues, or helping people discover that the outdoors and climbing can be a lifelong pursuit that is inspiring and invigorating.

    Certifications / Qualifications:
    IFMGA / AMGA Licensed Mountain Guide
    AMGA Alpine Guide
    AMGA Ski Guide
    AMGA Rock Guide
    AMGA Rock Instructor
    Wilderness First Responder
    AIARE L1/L2 Avalanche Course Leader
    AIARE L3 Avalanche Forecaster

  • Nate Clark

    Programs Manager

    Nate grew up in Connecticut, but didn't discover climbing until 25, when he was a grad student at UC Santa Cruz. He quickly fell in love with the problem solving and physicality of climbing, and when he and his wife moved to Washington in 2014, he started working in the gym a few months later.

    Besides climbing, he loves dogs, cycling, backpacking, and cooking for friends and family.

  • Mike Fong

    Front Desk
    Front Desk Supervisor

    Mike came to Edgeworks through Stone Gardens Seattle in 2016 where he quickly found his home away from home. He first transitioned to the vertical life over six years ago in Rhode Island and has pursued this passion ever since. Climbing has given Mike a sense of community, identity, and empowerment and this has motivated him to create and support truly inclusive climbing spaces for others. When not pulling on plastic, Mike can be found falling off the real stuff at his favorite bouldering locations which include Squamish, Leavenworth, and Joe’s Valley.

    Outside of climbing, Mike has spent time as an oceanographer, outreach educator, and pie baker. He received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Utah and a master’s degree in oceanography from the University of Rhode Island, but is always eager learn something new. On his rest days, Mike may be found playing video games, on a backpacking trip, sipping a boba drink, or simply jamming out to the most guilt-inducing, Top 40 hits.

  • Christian Horton

    Operations Manager

    Originally from Massachusetts, Christian moved to Seattle in 1998 and has been climbing and skiing throughout the Northwest ever since. From ski descents of Mt. Rainier to long slab climbs in Darrington, he has always looked for new adventures and new places to explore. His favorite place to climb is Index.

    Christian started at Stone Gardens back in 2001 and has managed the Seattle gym for the last decade. He has been committed to making they gym an open space where everyone from brand new to experienced climbers can have fun, challenge themselves and learn new skills.

  • Zach Neubauer

    Assistant Operations Manager

    Zach got into climbing in college where he ended up working at the climbing gym. Before moving to Seattle he was working in Germany at an outdoor recreation center. After moving to Seattle he found himself working retail and shortly after at Stone Gardens.

    While he primarily wrestles pebbles, he has been known to get on a rope. Outside of climbing Zach likes to drink coffee, cycle and cook

  • David "Yogi" Sam

    Front Desk
    Front Desk Supervisor

    Yogi was born and raised in Seattle, WA. He never did a single sport activity until he joined Stone Gardens in 2015. Since then he has been grateful climbing the ranks of the industry as much as he enjoys climbing the boulders. Aside from climbing, he loves sitting on the couch playing video games.

  • Michelle Scheele

    Marketing Director

    Michelle has been involved with Edgeworks since the spark and the dream planted itself in Tod’s mind while on their honeymoon in New Zealand in 2002. After spending 10+ years working in non-profit fundraising and adding two beautiful daughters to their family (Hailey and Kayla), Michelle officially joined the Edgeworks staff in 2013.

    While you won’t often see her sending routes and pulling plastic in the gym, you will find her in yoga classes or belaying/chasing her kids up and around the wall. On weekends she can be found running around the North End, adventuring with Tod and the kids, skiing, or visiting family in Bellingham. Cooking, photography, and travel top her wish list of “hobbies”.

  • Keath Suchy

    Route Setter
    Head Route Setter

    Keath grew up in Salt Lake City, where he fell in love with climbing. He has traveled all over the world pursuing his passion of outdoor bouldering. Most notably, Fontainebleau, Frace, Rocklands, South Africa and MagicWood, Switzerland. Route setting was a natural career choice and has taken him across the country setting comps.

    When Keath isn't setting or climbing you can find him at the park with his two dogs, Tuna and Lola, working on his self-converted campervan or hanging out having a cold beer.

  • Front Desk Supervisor, Maintenance Lead, Instructor

    Born and raised in Seattle, Aidan has been climbing for nearly a decade. He Joining Stone Gardens after graduating college in the summer of 2017. doing everything from group instruction, youth instruction, customer service, maintenance, route stripping, and guest route setting. His favorite outdoor climbing spots are Leaventhworth, the west miller river boulders, and mount Erie.

  • Pepy Tseng

    Office Front Desk
    Social Media Lead, Front Desk Supervisor

    Pepy was born in Taiwan and raised in Chile, South America. She began bouldering at a local gym in college, and eventually started working there.

    Pepy has climbed all over the US over the past 6 years, and her favorite destinations so far are Squamish & Lower Chaos Canyon in RMNP. Since moving to Seattle 4 years ago, she has been climbing and working at Stone Gardens as a Junior program instructor, Front desk staff, and Route Stripping staff; but most recently her love of photography, filming, graphic design, and the climbing community has led to her most recent role as the Social Media Lead for Seattle.

    When not climbing, Pepy can be found skiing, hiking, running, or cooking with her husband and friends.

  • Teresa Wang

    Front Desk
    Front Desk Supervisor

    Teresa is a huge fan of squirrels, jello, pinecones, open-toed shoes, ice cream, recreational grocery shopping, bike commuting, corn nuts, true crime docuseries, Cool Whip, dog parks, public transportation, frozen yogurt, climbing and running!